My personal projects include explorations in textile design, capsule wardrobes, and zero waste in art-making. Collaborations include sculpture installations with Heidi Barr using found and foraged materials for the East Park Revitalization Alliance at Strawberry Mansion (2013) and natural dye workshops using food scraps (Kitao Art Gallery at Swarthmore College, 2017 & 2018).

I am also fascinated by the use of new media in art and think about the nodes where technology, art, and live performance intersect. I was a resident artist for the Hacktory in 2014 and recent technical work includes “Who’s Watching?”, a Halloween video projection on the Swarthmore water tower (2017 & 2018), wearable tech gloves for a dance performance at Rowan University (2015) and  light up accessories for a circus in “MAKr: High Design & Fashion Meet Technology” at Crux Space (2015).